Poggio Baronti provides guests with beneficial treatment at the Asmana wellness world. A place where the world of water merges with that of saunas and where, thanks to the beauty and sensory ceremonies, body and mind will be slowly regenerated and restored to their natural balance. The pleasure of sipping a cocktail at the pool bar or a chance to indulge even the pleasures of the palate make the world Asmana the ideal space in which to find their mental and physical balance.
A charming environment, where you can spend a few hours or the whole day, but not only… the moonlight and the sound of Tibetan bells, the pools become an enchanted place and steam saunas are mixed with the colors of the night.

By showing the key to our room at the center desk, you will be entitled to a 10% discount on whatever treatment you choose.

Water is the element that gives life… the world of the water gives Asmana drops of wellness.

Diving, breathe and relax into the world of Asmana water is a way to lull the senses in a warm embrace between 35 and 37 degrees. Be amazed by striking an environment that allows us to appreciate the value of time and idleness. Let yourself be rocked by a whirlpool or stay comfortably lying on a bed while the water massage your body. Enjoy the salt bath salt leaving the task to cleanse your skin. Finally, give yourself a moment to relax in the water while sipping one of the cocktails served by our barman at the pool bar. Get in touch with the water, in its truest sense and primitive: water as elixir of life and as a source of creation.

The footbath: Ideal place for the banquet or to act beauty treatments, foot bath is the first “relax corner” you will encounter by accessing the Asmana wellness program. Soak your feet in warm water is not only an excellent hydrotherapy, but also serves to acclimate the body to temperatures of saunas.

The salt bath and ‘bath: When heated foot bath in the body the two outer tanks able to bring you to the perfect climate to relax Asmana and in a world where losing track of time thanks to the pampering of the warm bubbles of hot tubs and pleasure purifying salt water.

The large outdoor pool: The large outdoor pool is the perfect place for total relaxation where to start or end your trip in the spa. Let yourself be carried away by relaxing rhythms of Asmana sipping a cocktail in our wonderful pool bar.

The Vortex: Among tropical palm trees and water jets to get carried away by the waters of the river is a real fun, a pleasant moment of escape from everyday life. Touring it counter is a way to stimulate the circulation and awaken vital energy.

The large indoor pool: Located on the ground floor, the large indoor hot tub and comfortable sun loungers are the perfect place to flatter your senses right away.

The cave: The cave is a charming place where a water fall of over eight meters simulates an equatorial rain. A place where, according to Holistic, you can rebalance your inharmonies thanks to color therapy and benefit from the therapeutic properties of Kneipp.

Heat as a purification of the body. Steam as a materialization of the spirit.

According to some legends, the sauna is a sacred place for meditation and worship. The sacredness of this place that substitutes the mystical power of fire, believed able to bring man to the gods, combined with the steam created by water thrown on hot stones that represents the spirit of life. Today in Asmana, thanks to the suggestion by ceremonies sensory, this ancient ritual is renewed, giving an opportunity for a break from the stresses of everyday life.

Bio Zen: The Biosauna Zen (temperature 60 ° – humidity 30%) is the ideal place for meditation. While the vaporizer, heating the herbs or dried fruit, aromatizes the entire environment, chromotherapy creates a relaxed atmosphere, made magic by the suggestion of the glass wall with view of the waterfall. Inside place some ceremonies details.

Sauna Herb: Due to its large central brazier and its rectangular shape, the sauna of the herbs (temperature 70 ° – humidity 25%) it is particularly suitable for the performance of ceremonies multisensory. Water and ice mixed with essential oils enable “Masters of Ceremony” to give the guests a pleasant and relaxing heat strokes. Through ancient and recognized maneuvers waving the ritual guides involve you in a ceremony where the heat of the sauna, the scents of essential oils and music, leading to the present traditions of purification rites of the past.

Wine Sauna: So called because of the particular ceiling and the brazier obtained from the wood of oak barrels in which it was aged wine coming from Tuscan hills, this suggestive Finnish sauna (temperature 80 ° – 20% moisture) is semi-buried and placed in the garden. Enriched with special essential oils in it are held ceremonies as ‘hot’ and emotional.

Purification, beauty and well being in an atmosphere windblown Morocco.

An octagonal structure with a large central dome stands in all its majesty as a central Asmana heart. Enveloped by light beams that cross the vapors Hammam transports you to a magical world where pleasure becomes abandonment, inner knowledge and proper response to the needs of the body. Enriched by tiles and mosaics, Hammam encapsulates a large heated tank where acclimate the body before approaching to steam baths which, according to tradition, have different temperatures and degrees of humidity. “The city is not really perfect but the day will have a Hammam …” said Scheherazade in ‘Arabian Nights’. In Asmana your trip in welfare will not be truly perfect if not the day that you visited our Hammam.

The Tepidarium: The Tepidarium (temperature 35° – humidity 30%) is the place where prepare the body for sweating that occur in warmer environments or where the body allow a gradual acclimatization to a lower temperature before output hammam.

The Sensory Bathroom: The sensory bath (temperature of 40° – 100% humidity) is a turkish bath with steam citrus fruit flavored where to make a deep cleansing of the body. Sweating allows the expulsion of toxins, congested airways.

The Purifying Bath: The purifying bath (temperature 45° – 100% humidity) is a turkish bath where, thanks to the internal heater, are diffused the scents and aromas of essential oils. The essence is used mainly eucalyptus which, thanks to its therapeutic properties, it has a decongestant for the respiratory tract. In the bathroom cleansing it takes place every day various  ceremonies with scrub.

The Room of Foam: The foam room is the ideal place to regenerate body and mind and to give a new soft skin. The place to treat yourself to a massage and a moment of perfect relaxation.

A welcoming atmosphere for harmonious relation of mind that only relaxation can give.
Dedicate yourself to body care also means being able to switch off and relax the mind. After a session in the sauna, the relaxation rooms invite rest and relaxation. Give yourself a moment where time loses its size and the clock stops mark the inexorable minutes.

The room of Nests: In this room, their nests and beach chairs hanging from the ceiling, are designed to give moments of tranquility in an environment enriched by the chirping of birds. Stop for a moment to listen to the sounds of nature.

The room of the Hay: Dive into the deep and warm scent of hay, to relax and rest your mind. The hay of this room is harvested, by hand, at over 1700 meters above sea level, in the mountains of South Tyrol.

The room of water: A space dedicated to rest and full regeneration of body. The beds, mattresses with heated water, will help to adapt to the natural posture of the body. The ideal room where indulging in a light sleep… lulled by the waves from the sea.

The room of the Salt: With its walls covered with pink Himalayan salt this room is the ideal place to relax and treat yourself to a beneficial time. The “halo therapy” (or salt therapy) allows respiratory tract to regenerate.

The gold room: An environment where you can stop for a break out from Herb Sauna or hammam. A place to enjoy moments of relaxation lying down in a comfortable bed in a swinging Indian swings hanging from the ceiling.

The Fire Room: Two beautiful golden doors enclose an area where you can relax listening to Balinese music or meditating on the flame of the candles. An environment characterized by warm colors of Indian artifacts carved and decorated by hand.

The temple: An environment suitable for meditation surrounded by beautiful columns from India. Entrust your relaxation to the sound of water drops falling from the ceiling in a large container placed at the center of the room.

The Fireplace Room: Equipped with a comfortable four-poster beds where you can relax, this room is particularly suitable for the winter months. The charm of the fireplace, makes the very familiar and comfortable.

The ceremonies are rituals of different origin, handed down over time from distant civilizations. Moments when time and space can dilate and allow you to enter a dimension of pure pleasure. For Asmana find a rich ceremonial program included in the entrance fee.
Only by recovering a balance between mind and body sensations and emotions can take you to distant worlds.

The Ceremonies in Sauna: Guided by a “Master of Ceremonies”, the Wellness Ceremonies taking place in the sauna are sensory experiences to relax the mind and body.
Varying, depending on the time and the sauna where you play, the ceremonies are real rituals of wellness.
The Master of Ceremony, pour water on the brazier or ice enriched with pure essential oils, and through the rhythmic movements of a towel, will direct the hot steam and flavored in the direction of the guests. Thanks to the suggestion of the music, the steam warm caress and the aroma of essential oils you can enjoy an intense and enjoyable multi-sensory experience.

The Ceremonies in Hammam: That Hammam is a practice that has its roots in the ancient greek-Roman world, where the purification rites were useful to face life with new force. In Middle Eastern culture the Hammam is also a place of meditation including vapors, ablutions and massage.
In Asmana, the “Salt Ceremony” is a cleansing and relaxation ritual that takes place in the Purifying Bath. The “Master of Ceremonies”, through the rhythmic movements of a towel, directing the hot steam in the direction of the guests and offers Mediterranean salt enriched with cocoa or aromatic herbs, for a rejuvenating scrub all over the body. This ceremony is a time to let off some steam and give the body a moment of purification and relaxation.

The Tibetan Bells: According to Indian tradition, the cosmos originated from the sound (a very powerful form of energy) and the music, the one with its vibration is able to awaken the consciousness of self, is considered sacred.
That of Tibetan bells, in particular, allows you to get in touch with the deepest part of ourselves, promoting a state of well-being and meditation, allowing us to regain that feeling of unity between body and spirit that belongs to us, but we often forget.

Even today, thanks to their ability to correctly reproduce the sound OM, singing bowls are used in Lamaist tradition monasteries for meditation ceremonies.
Today, these bell-shaped bowl (hand-held or resting on the ground) is mainly manufactured in Nepal in the Thado region.

Their particular manufacturing and composition makes them very valuable. Thanks to the special alloy of seven metals, each linked to one of the planets of our solar system, producing a clear and clean sound. And be amazed by these ancient sounds. Let yourself in a world where space and time lose their size.


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